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This is CHOCK Full Of Value
  • 1 Million YouTube Subscribers -  $197 Value
  • YouTube Authority - $497 Value
  • YouTube Affiliate Marketing - $97 Value
  • Channel Traffic Tactics - $97 Value
  • ​YouTube Income Streams - $47 Value
  • YouTube Sponsor Income - $47 Value
  • ​Cash Flow Blueprint - $67 Value
  • ​How To Get 10,000 Real Subscribers - $27 Value
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1 Million Youtube Subscribers Course

1 Million subscribers! Can you imagine having 1 million people following you, craving content from you? With 1 Million subscribers you'll be able to virtually watch the internet spit out massive gobs of cash directly into your bank account, day in, and day out for as long as the internet is around. This insane 6 video course will show you exactly how to go from 1 subscriber, to 100, to 1000, to 10,000, to 100,000 to 1 MILLION subscribers! It's incredible! 

Youtube Authority Course

This is the big boy! I mean it, this 10 video course is filled with everything from strategies on making a very popular youtube channel, to improving search rankings. Take this course, apply it to the basic 20MCS training course you've already got, and watch those YouTube earnings SKYROCKET in less than 20 days!

Youtube Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the ones that got me first started making money online with YouTube. 
It's an incredible 9 video course, that goes through all the ways to make money off affiliate marketing with your youtube channel. It's easy! 

Youtube Channel Traffic Tactics

Without traffic, it's hard to make a LOT of money. Sure you can make money by accident, but wouldn't you rather just CRUSH it? Take this easy 7 video course that gives you the road map to making sick amounts of traffic bend to your will. 

Youtube Income Streams

In the basic 20mcs course, we teach you two income streams to make money with your free content... Inside this course you'll uncover 10 more ways to make money online with simple free tactics that crush your bank account with cold hard cash. 

Youtube Sponsor Income

Ever wonder how these youtubers become millionaires seemingly overnight? It's simple, they have sponsors! Sponsors pay you up to $10,000 for a mention, so long as you have enough subscribers! It's like getting money for free. This course will show you how its done! 

Cash Flow Blueprint Course

Simple 6 part series on how to create a hit video that just spits out money like your faucet spits out water. Pretty cool little course here that fits really well with the 20mcs program. 
After all, cash flow is the name of the game, isn't it? 

Get 10,000 Real Youtube Views

Use this widely acclaimed guide on getting your first 10,000 youtube views. 
It will take you from the basic traffic getting methods we talk about in the course, to well on your way to hitting your traffic and money goals! A must see! 

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